Friday, 15 January 2016

Journal Round Robin...

Annie and I started entertaining the idea of doing a Journal Round Robin this year.  It's something we have both spoken about plenty through the years.  Betty and I spoke about it for years too but only got as far as getting our journals.  Annie was pushing hard to get this going and I'm so grateful she did.  She's been running with the admin side of things because she really has been the one with the vision for it. Between us, we managed to get together 12 local artists.  12 means one spread a month and then we swap.  Not only is it a chance to get to know other local artists and create a small community here - but it's good to stretch ourselves in the unattachment to outcome.  Allowing someone else to work in your journal - stretching.  Working in someone else's journal - equally stretching.

I started off with an intro page.  Each of our intro pages will be different.
I made a pocket for each person.  I stuck a teabag onto a card.  Each person is to paint their own TeaBagGirl and write something about themselves on the back of their card.  That way when the next person receives the journal - they can read about the artists prior to them.

Annie asked us to do this in the front of each journal - what a stunning idea!

Working on my inside spread.  I have decided that in each journal I work in - I'm going to do collage creative play - it's a way for me to play and keep it fun and interesting.
And I hope in each one - a story will emerge.

My front cover and inside page.

I have to say - I sooooo enjoyed this! Which I really didn't expect.
Getting started after the holidays wasn't easy and I was berating myself for taking on too much... but like all things - you just have to start and I'm so glad I did.

I'm not a huge journal person because sometimes I can't bear the thought of beautiful pieces being trapped inside a book.  That's just me and I can't help it... so this will be an interesting journey for me.

Our wonderful participants are spread around South Africa, quite a few in the Cape and including 2 art students, one being my daughter and the other, a close friend's daughter.  Both wonderful art students, in their own right, who are going to use their journal work as part of the portfolio for University.  We decided to keep it local because of the postage issues and time constraints.

My journal was received by Anne this week.  And I have received my next journal.
May this be an exciting journal{ey} gals!

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  1. Oh man, I love this idea and I just adore what you've created! very inspiring...I might do some collage again xxx