Saturday, 2 January 2016

Final Goodbyes....

After packing and some time around the pool, I promised Kitty one last treat at Lookout.
It was our last trip down to the beach and here.  Plus we wanted to play with our lomography before we headed out.  It was windy and cool but it was still worth it.

You know it was a good holiday when you are ready to go home.
I brought this little camera with me but I didn't have the courage to use it once the whole holiday.
It was a while ago since I used it and I had to pull out the manual all over again.

I lugged it with me to the rocks at Lookout.  Some things came back to me but the main thing that did... was I had forgotten how wonderful she is to shoot.  It slows you right down and what you see through the little box and lens is so beautiful - at times it took my breath away.  This spool has 12 shots in it and I only hope they come out.  I took some lovely shots of Kitty in the water.   I forgot once to wind on but the double exposure might work out lovely.  Hope to share soon.

Corks capturing these lovely shots of my camera and hands.

Kitty took this pic of her on the rocks.
But she also took my breath away.
After we got back, we said our final goodbyes to Albert and Sue and the girls...
And finished packing.

We have an early start.

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