Sunday, 17 January 2016

Taking time... and going slow...

The past 2 weeks since we got back from leave, was just me playing catch up with life.  But I'm glad to say I'm back up to date and that feels pretty good.  Our routines are back to normal... with school and life back on.  I love routine - so I'm not complaining.

My new beautiful print works have arrived and I love them.
It's always so exciting sending new works in to be printed up.
Happy heart!

I've been going slow and taking time to breath, rest and generally just be.
I've been hiding my phone away a little so when I'm with the girls - I'm 100% present.  After my holiday and sitting out on the veranda everyday - I've created a small space at home for just that.  I'm going out there everyday and what I'm loving is the family have been joining me there, including my fur babies.  My theory - create a space and they will come.  Yay!

Sandy seems to be getting younger and younger and more beautiful than ever.

Kitty and I sat out here all Saturday, deep connecting and sharing stories.
In the afternoon both girls had parties to go to, so Digz and I took in a slow evening... window shopping, browsing books and a healthy dinner together... 

Zucchini 'Pasta' - yummy.

May the whole year be this glorious slow.


  1. Sounds absolutely lovely - I need to sit outside more. I love it