Sunday, 14 February 2016

Birthday weekend and then some...

In case you have been wondering what I've been up to.  I've been playing here a little bit.
With my TeaBagGirls 2016 Journey.  I spent a lot of time last week sourcing someone to frame up my little pieces and when I settle that - 60 are about to go in.   So exciting.

I'm actually waiting for some pieces to be returned from my framers this week, two tiny little prints from Orvieto, Italy.  And my very first and last pieces from my 1FaceaDay journey last year.  And a few block mounted pieces that will hopefully head into my little Etsy Shop.

This week I spent time packaging up some parcels... from the {love} auction, Annie and my piece that we painted together last year, amongst other send offs.  I love putting packages together and I love sending off happy mail.  Hope your parcels arrive soon.

On Saturday morning while Digz and Corks were at the Cross Country Meet.
I got a spot of studio time with the Birthday Girl.
I've been rescuing old pieces / canvases from last year and breathing new life into them.
I'm in love with this color combo at the moment.

How gorgeous are these flowrs?
They bloomed all week long and every time I came into my Studio they made me so happy.  Definitely inspired me to keep more flowrs in the home more regularly.   My Studio is finally finished.  Everything is unpacked and in a place and it feels organised.  So I'm soooo ready to get going.  Have some pieces in mind and I can't wait to start.


We celebrated this beauty this weekend.
It was her birthday and it was an incredibly precious weekend!
I got to have some lovely one on one time with her on Saturday, always a favourite thing for both of us to do.  We really had a stunning time together with some swimming, a health bar pop in, buying flowrs, just some of her favourite thing at the moment... including deep chats, much laughter and fun.   I love her like crazy.  It is weekends like this that make my heart sing.

We got together with Digz family for Digz' Mom and Kitty's birthday, amongst other celebrations going on within the family.  We decided to book the sunset cruise on the Red Bus.  It was pretty cold on the open bus but thank goodness I came prepared with jackets and blankets.  I love exploring the City and especially at sunset and at night.  There is something so special about The City.
I've always loved the City at night - there is just something about it for me.

The Mother City in all her Glory - it never gets tired.

Breathtakingly beautiful views.

Sunset on Signal Hill - always stunning.

 My mom arrived tonight for a few days visit and it's always such a treat.
My fridge is full of Goats Cheese and Yoghurt from the farm... so I am one happy girl.

It was a busy whirlwind of a weekend but it was so lovely!
Definitely one of the books.

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