Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lubitel 166... take two.

It's hard to explain... but as you look through the square viewfinder - 
you know it when you see it - that you have captured something special.
And you hope and pray that the shot will develop.

I'm blown away by this capture.
She was dancing in the water and as she came down to my level,
I clicked.  And I love it.

I can't even find the words for this piece.
But I'm totally besotted - accidental double exposure.

I focused on the sand.
And totally got what I was after.

I waited patiently for this shot.  So happy!

Love the story here.


I am not sure if you an see this shot clearly but again it was a happy mistake,
It's the girls sitting on the beach swing at Moonshine.

If I don't wind on my film immediately, I can't remember if I've done it or not.
When I got home I waited for my beautiful tree to blossom,
and then took what I thought was my final shot on the spool.

What I didn't know was that this double exposure too.

Best of all - Corks thinks I'm amazing.
So I'm pretty happy!

I love these two shots.  Capturing moments in our garden.
Sometimes it's just so sweet - I love it.

This is my second spool with this incredible little camera... my verdict...

It's absolutely wonderful.  I love the filming process.
I love the negative and film stock.  I love how it slows me right down.
I love finding the shot.  I love the anticipation for the expected shot.
But most of all - I love achieving the beautiful shot.

I can't wait to play with my next spool.

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