Monday, 15 February 2016

Seriously.... I can't look!!!

This was Corks at her race last weekend.
It looks like a professional photo for an ad campaign, right?
Someone asked me what did they pay her to do that ad.  I just had a little giggle to myself.
But it's such a cool action capture.

I'm glad I wasn't there to watch her this weekend because I'm not sure my nerves would have handled it.  It was ultra technical and just hearing how hard it was for her, made me a little emotional.  The drop offs were insane and can I just say, I will never find that easy to watch.  Seeing her struggle through her own demons, kind of broke my heart a little.

There is no doubt about it - she's my Braveheart.
And I can't even tell you what her courage and grit did for my heart this weekend.


  1. Oh gosh, I would also not be able to watch. Hold on heart! And what a great photo.

  2. love catching up on your blog, you have some phenomenal girls! stunning work and stories my friend and of course i love the green seeping in ;)