Monday, 8 February 2016

New Studio Space...

I think I must have said this a 100 times... "I'm moving to a new studio space."

And I literally have, in the past 4 years been trying to claim spaces that will work for me in this house and now I finally have my own proper place and I'm thrilled. 

I've been working on this idea and plan since the end of last year and like all things, some ideas take time to come together.  Our little single garage was a dead zone and becoming a dumping ground, and I can't bear clutter.  I knew if we fixed it up - the space would just become an extension of our home and I have to say - opening it up has made it rather inviting and cozy.

The minute I started "moving in" the girls moved in, right along side me... they pulled up their chairs and the homework and books and took over my studio desks.... can you see why I needed the bigger space.  Usually I'm stepping over bodies and bags etc.  But I seriously wouldn't have it any other way.

It still has a kind of warehouse feel - the walls are rough.
But I'm really enjoying the rustic, tumblr vibe it has.
I'm not going to change that.

In order for us to move in here, I knew it was going require a lot of work.
From new ceilings to new flooring and much sorting and clearing, I'm happy to say that last week they came in to install the new ceilings, as well as in other areas of the house.  It was a massive job because this is a 100 year old house and well, lets just say - things are complicated.  But my new ceilings are in and it's really lovely.  This weekend, we installed the new flooring and it's clean and gorgeous... my desks are back in place and my shelves are full of my art supplies and art books.

I'm not sure who is more happier, me or the girls.  Even Digz is happy.

Still unpacking but getting there.
I love my roses too and my new desk lamp...
It's all come together so nicely.  And now I can start creating.

A tiny glimpse of my TeaBagGirls Station

This space has already become such a place to hang for us - I am hoping to put a nice big couch in here soon - so it can be comfortable for anyone to sleep, read or just be comfortable and to be close to us while we are working on pieces and projects.

I was up early on Saturday morning packaging pieces and painting and I can honestly say I've never had a space make more sense to me before.  My big desk could handle the packaging and I had beautiful space to move and work... all I can say is I'm one happy girl in my space... so we still have some things to do but for now - it's perfect.

On that note - it's 23:30 and it's time for bed but I will be back in my sweet space early tomorrow morning.
Sleep tight folks.

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