Friday, 20 May 2016

Best day ever...

We had the best afternoon today, one I will remember for a long time.  The girls are writing exams at the moment, which means they finished school early.  But it is literally the first time in absolute ages that we all had an free afternoon at the same time.  We dropped off my painting for scanning first and then headed out for our photo shoot.  With their schedules being so busy - getting them to come along with me has been a challenge.  I literally had to pay them to come with me today.  Nothing like a little extra pocket money to sweeten the deal.  My girls are my favourite subjects to film and they are both amazing on camera, their photographic skills are quite on point too.  Taking them with me is always such a treat.

We weren't quite sure what we were going to do exactly.  We arrived at our destination and just started walking... we had glorious sun and we ended up stopping next to the train tracks, with the ocean on the one side... it was visually stunning.  We whipped out our cameras and just like that our photographic energies were ignited.  We spent about 2 hours just playing... with all the film cameras, the video camera and iphonography.

The train lashed passed us several times which was scary and exciting and that together with the train tracks, sea and beautiful girls made for some stunning moments.

My Instamatic images are breathtakingly beautiful and most of all they tell a story, our story.   Now the hard part is having to wait until Tuesday to get my film stock back from development - the hope and expectation is off the charts.  I'm literally holding my breath.... So grateful for today.

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