Sunday, 8 May 2016

To teach or not to teach...

Why now...  

I get asked to teach all the time and it's something I've always said a resounding {NO} to.  My introvertness, coupled with fear and shyness, has kept me saying "no" with ease...  I am always left feeling torn between feeling ungenerous/ungiving in sharing the things I've learnt and feeling like I really don't have anything new to share in the world of incredible online teachers already available to us.  Many I've learnt and grown from through the years and through their own levels of generosity.

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My heart is definitely not ungenerous and I would willingly share anything with anyone.  I'm trying to be brave and say yes to more things this year that are completely out of my comfort zones...

This being one of them.

So why did I say yes to contributing in Camera Craft - well, it had to do with a growing connection I've been having with Galia the past while and loving what she's about.  That together with discovering this incredibly cute little Lubitel 166 {Russian Camera} by accident and teaching myself how to use it and my fascination and love for Lomography and old film cameras (that I feel is once again a growing art form}.  I would love to share that with anyone who is willing to learn.   I am passionate about playing it forward and sharing what we know especially new delightful discoveries... it's part of community.  And I just love that.

I think if you are anything like me, the technical side of photography is a little daunting and overwhelming but I've discovered something in this cute little camera that I think can bring much joy with quite simple ease, which is completely available to all of us and that is beautifully share-worthy.

Well that and I guess even though I'm sharing something... at last.  I still kind of get to hide behind the camera.  I hope you will join me together with these incredibly creative ladies and learn much about something which is equally creative as it is beautiful.

I will be spending the month of May putting my segment together.
Playing with my cameras and going on photographic play dates.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

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