Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ciao Bella...

So I started this piece in Orvieto, Italy.  In Misty's Class and this was our final piece.  
I just didn't know how to move forward or if I wanted to.  I had promised Anne in class at the time, that I wouldn't change her face when I got home and I must admit that kind of stumped me and my process.  Courteney said the same when I got home.
So I just hid her away.

You can read my post about her on my ItalyBlog.

Everything we did in that week in Orvieto was to lead us to this final Iconic piece.  The toned background, elements we captured and had drawn on our walks.  Ephemera that Misty had given us.  I was too overwhelmed at the time to bring it together in a meaningful way.  Maybe it was information overload.  But I know now when I look back, how it all tied together.

Sometimes I get frustrated that it takes me so long to get there and other times I'm so grateful that it did take me so long because I might not have done her justice at the time... and I feel letting the lessons and concepts marinate, finally brought out something precious to me.

Maybe it just making peace with the fact that everything happens exactly when it is meant to.

The door knocker hand held such deep meaning and symbolism for me.
She captivated my whole heart and mind all of Sunday. 

And I managed to keep my promise to Anne and Courteney.
My heart is so overflowing today, for sure.


  1. She is so beautiful! I adore her and i'm grateful you didn't change her face but i also realise how much pressure that promise has put on you and i'm sorry for that... it has happened to me before and i understand the feeling of being stumped... well done my friend, she's incredible and you are amazing! <3

    1. no please don't be sorry - it was honestly the best call. I think without knowing it at the time - it kept me steady and I'm sooooo grateful! I'm very thrilled with her and where we journeyed together and I love her story. <3

  2. Incredible work!!! so much depth in your work Jeanne Marie!