Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Happy Post Day... at last I'm receiving mail again...

Look what I received in the mail today...

When I saw Caro share this in class... I was immediately in love.
An abstract homework assignment that she executed beautifully and it was without a doubt love at first sight.  I love feathers and the red and yellow here - swoon.  Journeying with fellow artists and seeing them come into their own is something I will treasure and value every step of this incredible journey that we share together.

This beautiful piece is going to be framed soon and I'm stoked to have this #InMyStudio.
Thank you for the extra love that came with this piece, my handpainted card, the ceramic piece and the leather pouch from Bali.  Always such kindness.

Much love, always!


  1. Awee Jeannie thank you so much, it is such an honour for me. I look forward to see it framed.
    The leather pouch is actually from Australia, Penny @clenny_art they do deco leather and other beautiful things.

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