Sunday, 8 May 2016

Weight of the World...

I felt pretty emotional yesterday as I was working with this piece.
It felt weighted and heavy and hard as I moulded each building into place.
I know I'm sensitive and I tend to feel things quite deeply.
And one of the things I do is feel people's pain.

I hate seeing people I care about struggling with the harshness of life.
The stories I have been hearing and experiencing the past month, has been quite painful.
Sometimes I don't fully understand, why.  I know it's life.
It takes courage to know and believe that maybe it will be okay,
different but okay, maybe even better.  But until you get there - it's heavy.

I wanted each building to be 3d and visible from any angle.
To be able to see between them, around them and over them.
I wanted the world on her back, her head and deeply in her heart.

I wanted it to be visible no matter where you were looking.

She's a wonderful symbol of weightiness and is top heavy when you pick her up.
We journeyed together today and she feels deeply special.
She's serious but then sometimes life just is.

I look forward to painting her and completing her story.

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