Friday, 27 May 2016

Epic week, creatively and then some...

I spend many hours in my car - my other home.  Last Saturday was gruelling - 4 hours, no kidding.  That being said - I'm still grateful I get to be there for my darlings and do the lifting and carrying.  I usually catch up with admin while I wait, edit pictures or blog, listen to audiobooks to help me past the time.

This week started with me in the dentist chair and Thursday another long session which felt particularly traumatic - but I survived.  I spent most of the week running... from packaging parcels, postoffice run, art scanners, art printers, framers, developing film, ClayPlay to early school pick ups.

It's been full on and no kidding, I lived out of my bag and car.  In terms of living an artful life - I did that full-time this week.  Everyday was filled to the brim with my beautiful art love and that made my heart so happy.

Although my days were filled with running - the evenings were filled with painting...
I managed to finish one spread for journal swap that went out this week... and of course #TeaBagGirls.  Plus my next 40 frames arrived home so now I have 80 finished and ready for exhibition.  I'm totally in love with them.

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