Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday, Studio day...

My day started off with a bit of admin but I didn't want to get to distracted for too long - I had a long day to myself and I wanted to make the most of it.  And I did.  Maxing out the day was definitely in order.

So most of you know I haven't done much painting lately.
In fact, the last time I did something big was with Annie in her studio.
I've been doing a bunch of other things #InMyStudio and was quite enjoying the no pressure and no agenda.  Sometimes creative play is just as important to me as anything else.
That being said, sometimes when I don't paint for a while - I get scared that I won't be able to paint again or I wonder if my abilities have regressed?  What if I have to go back to basis. etc.  I know it's fear based.  And nothing like fear based procrastination to side track you.  And I've been side tracked for a while.

But starting was all I had to do... and I was pretty blown away... I love who showed up.
For both these pieces I had references to guild me and I love how it always delivers so much more.
Once again, just like that, I'm ready to start painting again.

Beautiful old books, some damaged, some perfect.
But mostly for altered books and to cut up into TeaBag Journals.
Looking at some extra ways to play with TeaBags.

I made my first teabag journal tonight.  And I'm utterly in love.

In the week I agreed to participate in an online auction with other incredible artists for 3 of my pieces.  The Artists Gallery Nouveau auction on FaceBook.  At first I was hesitant because I'm so aware of putting myself under unnecessary pressure.  But through much discussing - I knew this would be okay.

So I said yes!!! But I can get quite stressed - no one said putting yourself out there is easy.
But we are called to Courage, daily.  And I do know this.

~ ~ ~

I can't remember when last I had such a glorious StudioDay.

I picked Digz up at 10pm from the airport after a week long trip in the mountains, with his bike.
It was an awesome end to a long and busy week... going to bed with a happy heart.

Excited for the weekend.

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