Friday, 16 August 2013

#InMyStudio - EvolutionOfaPainting

Some ladies in the #FacetoFace class asked me where do I start painting on a piece after I've drawn up.  I said I would share the evolution here!  I've never really thought about it.  I don't think I always do the same thing each time.  So here's my journey through this piece...

I started here with a charcoal draw up!  It's a new way I've been drawing up.  I picked up this tip from Sharon's morning videos and I just love it.  She suggests using a matt medium over the charcoal if you don't want to loose your draw up but most times I just love mixing the color of the charcoal with my Titanium white to make my darker shadows.  I love her face here but I know I'm going to loose most of it when I start laying down my paints.  But I'm okay with that - I am not sure who will emerge.  But I look forward to seeing who does.  

Today I lay down most of my whites first using the Charcoal to mix with it.

Her face is already changing from the original draw up... 
And I love that her own unique character is starting to emerge!  I'm totally loving her hair... and loving the blue accents.  I think I'm going through a blue stage... I keep finding myself reaching for it.  I had no plans on what colors I would lean towards in this painting.
And I had no idea she would be so dark... but I"m just going with it.  

I'm always unsure how to finish a piece... For a moment I thought I would leave her dress as it was above!  But I wasn't settled with that!  So this time, I printed off an image of her and I drew up some ways to finish her off, without messing about on the actual painting!
And I am so glad I did... after some doodling around, I knew exactly how to finish her!  And I'm totally thrilled with it!  I think she might be one of my favorite pieces.


  1. She is beautiful... I love Sharon's videos too... and now work with matte medium since watching them also... I can't wait to see your finished piece... your art is stunning...

    Jenny ♥

    1. Thank you Jenny - thanks for taking the time to read this too.
      Sending hugs

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Carlanda - I've just updated it with a more recent shot of my background (not sure if you saw that). Thanks for reading.