Saturday, 28 February 2015

#1FaceADay - February is a wrap!

I really loved February a lot.
I am really getting into it.
I tried new techniques.
Used pencil crayons with gesso.  Tried pen and graphite with gesso.
Managed to do 4 TeaBagGirls and 4 BathingCapGirls.
Finished some big paintings and paintings with a message.

All in all - it's the second month in and I'm feeling more comfortable with the process, the idea and showing up everyday (well almost).  I felt more connect to it and I am loving the result of each new face and each new day.  I am loving how some of these smaller pieces can and will inspire potential paintings and larger pieces of work.

I love that we are tracking our days with #CollectAPhoto because we will see growth and that's pretty exciting.

I had to venture to the art shop this week because I had no canvas' left to work on and I'm rather loving the smaller stretch canvas and canvas boards for this project.  I got some in between to bigger stretch canvas' too.  I think the art shop might see a lot more of me - but for now, together with tags, tea bags and other bits and bobs - I have enough to work with for March.  No excuses.

2 months down - 10 to go!


  1. Beautiful .... Love all of these faces!

  2. they look so, so stunning all together like that!!! Love them all! <3