Monday, 16 February 2015

Another birthday week and jammed packed schedules...

January and February can be as manic as December in our household because of all the birthdays and celebrations.  And just when December festivities are behind us - February brings a new onslaught of celebrations...  So this week saw two more birthdays.  And in our household birthdays are very special and we make them count.  We would sooner miss Christmas but Birthdays are deeply special.  We want to celebrate each person and remember the day they were born.  And this week was Kitty's birthday!  What a lot of people don't know about this precious girl was that she was due on my birthday but came a week late and when she was born, she was born fast asleep.  She was my 28th birthday gift.  And she was a gift that has kept on giving.  She's truly a remarkable person and we are so blessed by her.  But as much as the weeks are busy with personal stuff - the school and work schedule has been full on.  We have had things on almost every week.  And this coming week is no different.  I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed because it's ONLY February.  But now that most of the "have to's" for February are done - we are slamming on the brakes and I'm calling for a few quiet weekends at home.  No questions asked.

So #1FaceaDay has been tough this week with my full schedule so I didn't do too well with showing up every single day.  But I'm busy catching up - still keeping them quick and light and kind of as a form of creative play, painting on recycled material, scraps and this and that and I'm so enjoying it. 

Still doing TeaBagGirls in between.

This sweet girl with the old fashioned hat is actually a painting I did directly over a photograph.  And what makes it quite interesting and a story on it's own is that it was a photograph of my beautiful mom in her twenties with a beehive hairstyle.  I love how different she turned out and I love knowing it's her face under there.

Painted on one of my birthday cards
A mixed media - I love her.
Some journal play and another BathingCapGirl
Our sweet online swimming team is growing - it's so fun!

So the braiding story continues too - this week Kitty 
had a lesson to learn how do different braids.
However, when she got there they chose her to be the hair model.
Oh no - no learning that way!
But still so beautiful!

This week I'm going on my daily travels with my art kid ready so that when I get stuck in the car, parking lots etc - I'm ready to do my daily face.  Whether it's a graphite drawing, watercolor or pen work - either way... I don't want to be idle in and waste precious time.

So today we had an hour and a half wait - I did my daily drawing with my coffee treat and I'm doing some blogging - feeling really chuffed that I got to have a bit of victory over time today!

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  1. Happy Bday to her (and you) . I love that last sketch