Friday, 20 February 2015

My week in pictures... 1FaceaDay, life and everything else...

Considering my week was soooo full - I was really so productive and I got through and accomplished so much.  I claimed time back and stole other bits of time and said no to a few things.  

Feeling really great to have gotten through this week... in one piece.  It was a big week for all of us - it was assessment week at school and it was full on.

I had a 2am working shift early in the week - which I can still pull off from time to time - but it catches me through the week.  So the day after I was shattered - so I climbed into bed with my stabilo color pencils and gesso and played until my eyelids shut... I'm really loving my pencils and painting this way - esp for quick and easy sessions.  

We had a school function this week so only left me with a bit of time to play!  So I just used my graphite on canvas board with gesso.

Just some gentle therapeutic play.

I just love this piece... I love her eyes.  I start most of my faces off with the eyes and I just love her eyes!  She had me the minute I drew them.  I used my inktense pencils with Gesso.  #SuchFun

We had a heatwave this week... but how amazing is this view.
This is my view everyday.

Anne had reached her 50th piece this week and I'm close behind her.
But she shared a pile of her pieces - all 50 together.
And it encouraged me to share mine too.

I'm more shocked that 50 days of this year have passed already.

Still sneaking in BathingCapGirls
Such a sweet little series.

I received this picture today - it's one of my #TeaBagGirl commissions from last year.
I love getting to see my pieces framed up and finished and in their homes.
This little piece has brought about 2 more requests.
So stoked!


  1. Beautiful in frame!! on my goodness! so precious xxx
    and yes this view is pretty incredible!!

    1. Thanks my friend - <3 It was a good week!