Saturday, 7 February 2015

Birthday day...

Ahhhh it's my birthday and we had no plans.
I know that sounds a bit dismal for birthday celebrations
- but honestly that's my favorite kind of day... 
No rushing out the door.  No agenda. And no pressure and with complete quiet.
Just chilling with this girl and my beautiful peeps.

 Digz and Corks had a cycle race so I woke early to see them off and then I got up to do my Morning Pages when Kitty joined me for cuddles.  She didn't leave my side all day - she was totally adorable.  We popped out at lunch time for a special coffee.

But the best part of this day is that I got to paint for most of the day.
I just haven't had a day like that for ages and it was long overdue.
I've been playing so much with my Stabilo Pencil (black) and gesso and last week my friend Constanza said I should try color stabilo's - I forgot I actually had some.
So I got to do these 3 paintings with Color stabilos and gesso
- it was so lovely to play in this new way.

even used them on this #TeaBagGirl

I received messages and calls all day and I had such a beautifully gentle day.
It was exactly what I had in mind.
Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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