Thursday, 26 February 2015

#InMyStudio.... finished at last.

Well I'm happy to say she's finally finished!!!
This is my biggest painting to date and it lines the whole wall of my sweet little studio.
I can't tell you how many times I've tried to finish this piece but it's just never felt right or it just felt so completely overwhelming.  I'm thrilled to say that I'm finally at peace with her and I am completely in love with this piece.  Up until now there was always something wrong with or something I didn't like... that being said the layers did help this final stage go much quicker and easier.    I love clean lines and unclutteredness of it.

As I started adding the blue and some browns - I realized I didn't want the wings there and the more I worked, the more I realize that I didn't want the busy sunflowrs either.... and the more I worked that away and the more I loved this piece.  Once I knew how I was going to more forward - the rest just flowed right out of my brush... like we we both finally ready for each other.

I'm feeling so stoked tonight...

I'm feeling so stoked tonight - for two reasons...
Firstly, I haven't done a proper piece of art since November, last year.  I have just been so out of sorts, in my old studio space.  With a really heavy work load.  And completely no time.  All I have been managing to do is show up for #1FaceaDay - thank goodness for that cos it's kept me present.

But today I had the whole day to myself #InMyStudio - and this piece has been calling me for weeks, it was perfect timing and I had a beautiful time.

And the second reason I am feeling so stoked is because today I did 4 faces and I've used these 4 to catch up on my #1FaceaDay.  I'm back up to date.

First attempt
Second Attempt
Final attempt - I know which one I'm loving much more!
I love how each stage shows the different stages of my growth and development as an artist.  I love being able to see it in my works.  It's a great reward to me.


  1. This turned out so fabulous! The simpler background reminds me of the girls on teabags you have painted. I am with you...the plain background is perfect. It's almost like bringing the sky into your room...with some pretty angels to sing to you as you paint. And it covers an entire wall in your room? I would love to see a perspective photo of it.

    Congratulations on a beautiful beautiful work!

    1. thank you so very much - yes it covers the length, not the height. It just makes me so happy to walk into my room. I'm trying to get a photo that captures it well but I'm struggling.

      Nothing I do does it justice.

      Thank you for your support :-)