Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Celebrations...

We woke up slowly and latish on Sunday morning and had coffee and pressies in bed.  I love these gentle, private birthday family traditions that we have always shared.  It seriously is the best part of birthdays for me.

My lovely people totally spoiled me with all my favorite things.... I just love that they get me.  I received the most beautiful love letter from my beautiful Corks - I can't tell you what that meant to me.  Deep beautiful words, that totally touched my heart.

We headed out for breakfast and bumped into my beautiful friend which was such a treat.  After that we headed home so the girls could finish their homework cos we had a big Sunday night date.  Months ago we had booked to go see The Script.
And the day was finally here.

I love this family portrait
They brought the date earlier and made it on a Sunday night - which was a challenge on any given Sunday. But the crowd was so amped and the atmosphere was already off the charts.  We were already tired and quite frankly ready for bed.  I know right... feeling every bit our age... being in the general standing area is getting more challenging #justsaying.  But as soon as the boys were on stage - their energy was contagious.  It was a jam packed brilliant performance.  They are true entertainers and they totally blew our hair back.  We have been to many concerts through the years but wow - that was the most rocking crowd we have ever been part of.

How beautiful are these two girls.
It's the first time concert for Kitty and a first time concert for all 4 of us together.
It was such an awesome thing to do together and definitely won't be the last.
But maybe in seated area next time.

Beautiful scenes from The Script
What an incredible weekend.
Definitely going down in our books, as one of our best weekends ever.
We all feel that beautiful memories were made this weekend.

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