Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#1FaceaDay - August is a wrap!

I loved making this tiny time lapse video.
I love how my family love doing this with me.
They get as excited about the outcome as I do.  It's rather adorable.

Can I just say once again - what a mammoth undertaking this project has been.
At times... I have asked myself out loud... "What were you thinking?"

When I think that we have completed 8 full months, I am so proud of us.
This project is proving to be a real test of consistency and tenacity.

I think if it wasn't for Anne showing up daily, in spite of life... well who knows?
It's been like having a gym buddy show up and get you going despite the voices being super loud sometimes.
I'm deeply grateful.

So it's a constant reminder to myself to keep it light, easy, fun and with NO RULES... right?

They don't have to be masterpieces - they just have to be.

Which has totally matched my headspace this past month.

Embracing... the "just be".


  1. no rules!!! and we are in so deep now we may as well go all the way! together!!! SO grateful we are still going ;) xxx

    1. me too - what a journey! So glad we journey together. Two is always better! <3