Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Something a little different...

So don't be too shocked but I am trying something a little different...

I've been studying different artists building work and I'm totally in love with the concept.  On my first visit to Orvieto on the sidewalk market day, I saw some of the local artist's building pieces and I loved the mishmash of buildings on top of each other.  I've known for the longest time, I've wanted to try this.

I'm no where near mastering this and it's definitely going to be a new journey for me - but I'm feeling delightfully excited by it.  Maybe that means I'm heading in the right direction {as my niece so wonderful put it}.

Personally - I'm delighted to be trying new things.  I've needed it so badly.  And to me, creative play is always so hugely valuable for growth... and growth has been calling out to me so much lately.

So just the first layers are down and I can't wait to build on this.  Yes, of course, I'm finding Italy in here. I am so looking forward to doing more of these... in different ways.  I want to also head into my city and see if I can simulate some of our building shapes, old churches and also I want to work with some of my own photography from Orvieto.  But for now... I'm painting and I'm playing and that's a happy day for me! 

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