Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lubitel166 first develops... what's the verdict!

What can I say... 

I'm utterly in love!

In love with the photo taking and in love with the outcome!

So I've been playing around for a month on this divine little camera.
I shot on a 35mm spool {200}.  It was total hit and miss.
These were some of my hits and I'm blown away by these emotive shots.

My misses - I can't explain - my negatives were completely blank.
Like not even a shadow on them.  So currently I have a 120 spool inside - which is a 12 shot spool.
So I will see how we go but if I have the same thing - then I will go back to the drawing board.
For now - it's just so incredible to play and discover and learn.

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