Monday, 14 September 2015

#InMyStudio... someone got some work done....

Now                                                 Then

I knew this face on the right needed work.
And I finally found the time to tweak and add more depth and layers.
I wasn't fully happy with her neck and quite a few aspects of her face.
But I'm much happier with the more finished look.

I had a full weekend of studio time.
I would love to say it was all sunshine and roses but it wasn't.

I worked hard on a different larger piece that I felt still needed to be finished.
But we didn't make it.
There was much wrong with my prepared canvas and even though I'm a huge believer in saving pieces - I just knew no matter how much I tried to rescue this piece, the canvas prep wasn't a quality I would be comfortable with.

I was definitely quite something to destroy a piece.
It wasn't comfortable but it was kind of liberating too, not to be locked in or trapped in a piece that might endlessly frustrate me.  I have kept part of the painting that I did love, as a reminder to myself, of something, not sure what yet.  But for now... I'm moving on.

Before I start anything brand new yet - I am working on finishing two pieces.
It feels like a gentle journey back to my easel.

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