Saturday, 12 September 2015

My little #1

She will always be #1 in my eyes!
So proud of this girl.
Consistency always pays off and she managed to complete the series with flying colors!
So proud of her and her commitment.

Unfortunately, this happened on Saturday... a little crash bash.
I'm glad I didn't see it because I don't really have the stomach for it.
But she was uber brave! A little trip to casualty for clean up and wrap up!
She was lucky this time!  But me, not so much... 
I've had to face those wounds, clean them and re-bandage daily.
And let's just say - even talking about it can make me queasy.

Special girl!

She managed to fight her way onto the podium from the back of the field, finishing in 2nd place but overall winner of the series in her age group!

Riding Buddies
Credit - H van der Merwe.

Sas and Corks have been riding together this year.  And their riding has solidified a sweet friendship.  Sas also came 2nd in her age category.  Truly awesome girls!

After this event and the hospital visit, Corks headed out to hang with her best buddies.
And the next morning, she completed the Sunflower FunWalk to raise funds for Cancer patients.

Full weekend for this girl!

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