Monday, 28 September 2015

#TeaBagGirls.... getting framed up.

At last, I finally made time to pop into my framers.
I decided to go long and across as opposed to a neat square with these tiny TeaBagGirls.
And when I laid each one out I discovered I had 51 and not 50...

So I decided to pull out my very first from this #100Faces project and get her framed up as a special reminder of this journey.  Most of all I love her tattered little bag.

I stuck with an off white theme and rather old fashioned styled frame,
to match the old fashioned look of these pieces.

Now it's the hard part - to wait for them to come home!
Which will take a month or so - which is good - give me time to save ;-)



  1. Can't wait to see the finished framed piece- what a gorgeous collection of art for your home!

  2. These are going to look stunning framed!