Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ticket to Venice - Journal Play

I got to hang with my Kitty girl all weekend, who had been sick in bed with a bad head cold.
With all the school assessments behind us, the girls are mostly free agents.
The weather this weekend was warm and breezy, so in between studio time and life, I lay with her and watched movies, did some gardening and got to sit on the veranda chatting in the sun.

The quiet, slow days have been nurturing to all of us.

I've been playing in my Italy handmade journal and I'm ready to start writing down my journey.  Thank goodness I have my blog to help me remember the order, some of my feelings, thoughts and meanderings.  Can't wait to get some photo's printed up, to include in this visually beautiful book.  Just to be clear, sharing Italy will always be visually beautiful!

I think it may be the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Reminiscing about Italy has made my heart skip a beat.
And the longing more intense.  I want to carry this book around with me everywhere I go.
I want to flip through it all the time.  Yip - I'm loving it!

This week I'm going to make myself a journal and try my own hand at Mary Ann Moss' tutorial lesson on Journal Binding.
Feeling so excited about that!

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