Saturday, 9 April 2016

A little tribute, a touchstone, a reminder...

A hundred years I slept beneath a thorn,
Until the tree was root and branches of my thought.
Until white petals blossomed in my crown...

The Traveller... Kathleen Raine

Lyn sent me these words on FaceBook today for this sweet girl.
Together with a folk story about trees and their roots...  "Wise Ones of the Oakwood".

How beautiful and so appropriate for this girl.
I so loved this assignment from MakeDoArtWorkshop.
And I can't remember doing something that made me feel absolutely happy... like a child.

I wasn't sure what I was going to call her and if I was going to keep her.
But Galia suggested I call her {Flowrsinherhair} as a little tribute, a touchstone, a reminder.
Of my journey this month of releasing Flowrsinherhair.
Once again, thank you Galia!  Thank you for just getting it.

I love that.
So I've decided to keep her for just that. 
She's on my studio table. 

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