Saturday, 2 April 2016


This was homework from our Make/Do Class.

The objective was to create a video from the moment you woke through to bed.
I hope you enjoy the little glimpses in to our life...

This is my ideal kind of day, mostly when I'm not at the office.
As much as I would love to say this is everyday, I can't.
I try and steal moments of calm in everyday - but some days are off the charts busy from morning to night. 
My days are extremely long and filled to brim with life.

We are an extremely busy family and come the quiet days - they are so desperately needed and appreciated on all levels, that at times it feels like we are hiding from the world and quite frankly we have to do it to survive.

I know it will change when the girls leave home, so I'm not complaining.
It will be so different - we can't even begin to know.
So for how - I will love every moment and I do love every moment of the craziness because they are so part of it and it's the absolutely best part of me and my existence.

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