Monday, 4 April 2016

A quick little visit to Annie...

On Thursday I headed to Annie for a creative play date.
We have been working collaboratively together.
This would be our second time doing this...
And we thought we would try things a little differently this time.

We would work on our own girls, use the same color palette (but our own) and see where we ended up.  At first we couldn't find cohesion and we were disjointed.  But after some much needed food, we regrouped and decided to share the same color palette and then we found our way.  It was deep and pushing through.  I knew from the onset I wanted to paint on the right, for some or other reason, last time I was on the left...  I love how we learnt new things and inspired each other as we worked this out.

Biggest lesson... was once again {letting go} and trusting each other.
Definitely not easy when you are set in your ways, your own process and vision.  I know for myself - I sometimes see things a little later... that's my process.  Annie's set up process is so different to my own and our styles too, are so uniquely our own - but I guess it's finding the synergy in that place.

24" x 30" Stretched canvas

Awesome and intense time and of course I totally love this piece.

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