Tuesday, 19 April 2016

General news...

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 What a Big Weekend!!!

It was the UCT Open Day, but we did go to that last year, so this year we decided to go to the Creative School/University Expo - displaying all the art schools and universities and what each one has on offer.  We went with our long time buddies Gilly and Kayleigh.  It was so exciting and all of us (including us Moms) were inspired to the max and excited by the time we left.  After the expo we headed for a sushi lunch and spoke all afternoon about the future, art and Europe.

It was such a brilliant day.  But then again dreaming out loud is always kind of special!

I woke up on Monday morning to a lovely message from Dale.
My test plate has survived the fires and I think it's beautiful
She's already sold and will be going home next weekend.
I love the quiet simpleness of this one.

At last, I am able to say that I'm 100% caught up with my TeaBagGirlsArt!
Yay - 110 TeaBags are sooo ready for framing.  I should get my frames next week.
And then starts the steady job of framing by hand... my own hand.  Eeeck.

Almost a third of the way through.  The year is flying by!

My sweet studio is getting crowded.

I'm nuts about them and I have had so much fun making them.
It's been such a delightful time and I can feel a real sense of relief of being more caught up with life.  My tax returns are all filed and my admin is up to date.  My work schedule has calmed down.  The girls are back in routine with life and school and my studio schedule is clear and I'm ready to get back into my studio regime for some new and exciting ideas.

I didn't expect the last 3 or 4 months to be so full on, on all fronts.
But I'm feeling sooo excited for what's coming - I really am having so much fun!

These two on their weekly date.
I really love them to bits.

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