Friday, 8 April 2016

What's in a name...

Like all seasons, the winds of change are blowing and I'm finding myself in this place...

After FaceBook forced me to change my name, a change I wasn't sure I felt ready for, I felt like I've been in the midst of an identity crisis ever since.  I didn't realise so much of my identity was tied up in my name.  The past month I've been going backwards and forwards on my identity, profile and website name. It hasn't been easy facing the idea of letting go of #Flowrsinherhair.

It's been such a beautifully safe, gracious and healing space for me and I can't thank YOU enough for journeying with me through these special creative years.  I do know this, accepting change is never easy but I do understand, it's so important for growth and being brave.  

Flowrs will always be a part of me and my creative journey and I will always honor that.  Thank you for continuing to journey with me... as Jeanne-Marie.  Perhaps I've been hiding behind the Flowrs and although thats what was required for that season... Maybe without the push from FaceBook I would never have thought I could or would take this step forward.

At last my #AntlerGirl is finished - I wanted to fill her hair, her antlers and her heart with Flowrs.

You can continue to find me on Instagram, just now as JeanneMarieArt
and obviously here
my TeaBagGirls journey

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Galia who really helped me transition and helped me come up with my new name and handle and totally helped process the emotions around this week.  And Anne who allowed me to express my vulnerability in the changes.

Appreciate you both so much!


  1. Dear Jeanne-Marie,
    A quote comes to mind as I read your entry. " A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet".
    Thanks for sharing xo

    1. thank you so much - I have a friend who calls me Rose - so this is so apt.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this <3

  2. You stepping into You. As it should be. It is a good thing.

    1. Thank you so much Sharon - you are about the 4th person to say that to me. And it's starting to make sense. <3 Much love, always