Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday news...

I went away for two days this week to see Annie and for us to paint together.
It was a flit in and out and it was awesome.  Hope to do it again soon... will share more soon.

As for these two, they had a sleep over with each other - I missed them like crazy.
I adore them, this capture and their love for each other.

After 2 months of trying - I finally made it to my art shop - it's always such a treat.
And my beautiful package from Renee arrived - my birthday pressies.
It was filled to the brim with delightful Renee love.  Thank you my friend.
It's the first package in almost 2 years from Renee that didn't get lost for months on end.
Renee is such a generous friend - I am always blown away by her kindness.


Can you believe winter has arrived.  And I am nervous.
It's never this early and our summer was really intense and short.
We have had our first rains already.  I really am a winter suffer and last year we had a long one.
We get winter rains and we are desperate for rain and I have a feeling it's going to be a cold, wet winter.
That being said - the down duvets are out and so are the winter jackets and boots.

My website was down for two days - sorry about that.
But all back up and running and I'm thrilled.

Still revamping from my reject pile.
Just loosening up, finding it a bit hard to paint today.
On that note.... I'm going to have a little nap.
Happy Sunday.

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