Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Thrilled with this..

It has finally arrived.

My Momma asked me a few months ago if I was interested in my GrandFather's old Kodak Retina iiiS.
I asked her if she was kidding, was that even a question???

There is such an incredible story attached to this camera.... 
And it has totally captivated my whole heart and mind.

It is a 1957 camera and just after my parents got married, my GrandFather gave it to them as a gift.  Apparently he only used it for his Black and White photography.  I'm considering using it in the same way.  I've downloaded the user manual and I'm looking for a cover for it.

What I'm loving... is finding out that my family was into photography.
They were picture storytellers... and quite frankly I can't wait to continue telling stories with this.
It is heavy to hold but in a good way.  I can already see my girls fighting to use her.

When we opened it to see where the spool goes - we found a spool in there... we exposed the negative but I"m going to get it developed this weekend - who knows what we will find.

But otherwise this weekend will be a weekend of play and learning.

I am definitely going to need Corks help.


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