Tuesday, 12 April 2016

One Huge Step...

For over 3 months I have been trying to find a framing solution for my TeaBagGirls.
 I was getting anxious because I'm now sitting with around 100 TeaBagGirls, making the initial framing obligation huge.

But last week I found my solution and today I placed my order for 366 frames.
And my order will arrive in two weeks time.

On my way to place my order this afternoon - the doubt was creeping in.
Like... what was I thinking or more like, what the hell was I doing?

Anne messaged me on the way - talk about perfect timing.
I guess it was a silent accountability to follow through even though I could have just passed on by.
I placed the order and let her know immediately.  Thanks Anne.

I took one giant step closer to having that exhibition today.
I know it's just the start - but now I can't back out.

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