Monday, 4 April 2016



She is so motherly.  Kitty calls me Madre and I adore that.

I can't even tell you how much I loved making this beautiful girl.
I wanted to add organic elements - I knew that before I even started her.
I had a shell from our beach walk in Betty's Bay that would make a perfect wing.
And of course I wanted to include my teabags somehow - I've been making roses with some of them.
I paper clayed them into her hair...


I completely fell in love with this over exaggerated expressive hand.
It is my first time doing hands in clay...


I love the wing and word across her back...
both of these were in the lesson plan - I didn't have stamp letters.
I bought my first set this weekend.  I'm loving playing with them.


My second hand was a final addition.
And I absolutely love it.

This was a tough assignment.  My head kept coming off and detaching.
I spent most of my time reinforcing it and at last we have victory.  I learnt so much in this lesson.
I'm ready to make another one... I can't wait to play some more.


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