Friday, 17 June 2016

Beautiful Photography Play....

#1. The Art of Seeing                                                                       #2. Into the Light

#3. Shadow Dancing                                                                       #4. WabiSabi

Beautiful creative photography play this week.
Galia's 10 free countdown prompts to CameraCraft.

Can you tell how excited I am to get into class?  If the depth of the prompts are anything to go by,
then I know the class is going to be beautifully resonating.

There are already a bunch of us doing the daily prompts.
So loving it.


  1. Love the images. Can you provide a link to this camera craft thingy? Blessings. See you in the teabags class!

    1. Dear Joanie - the sign up image on the right panel will show you everything you need to know about class. I hope you find your way. Or click on the link above in the body of this post - that says " CameraCraft "