Friday, 10 June 2016

Look what's coming to live with me...

Kodak Vigilant Junior 620 made by Kodak Canada between 1940-48

My mom contacted me on Monday to say this Kodak 620 Vintage Folding Camera came available on an auction site that she's part of and would I be interested in it.  I was like "of course".  The box Brownies are a dime a dozen but I don't often see the concertina ones.

I got it for a steal.
Other than making me feel delighted about using it, they really aren't worth much anymore.  You can literally pick them up for $10 on eBay.  Not only is it a beautiful piece visually, I know how to get her working.  For me, it's the delight of working with such an old piece of equipment that is valuable.

I currently have 6 vintage camera with film in them - I need to take some pictures.
But I literally can't wait to get this sweet piece in my hands so I can play. 
I pick her up at the end of June.


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