Wednesday, 15 June 2016

CameraCraft... 1 free space...

With about 1 week left to go before CameraCraft starts... I have some exciting news to share.

I have one free space to give away for this class, a perk for being a contributor.

So if you comment on this post and/or blog post and/or share this message - your name goes into the draw.

I love the generosity of this so much.

I hope you will join in and be part of this wonderful group of contributors.  I, for one am pretty excited not only about the content and the contributors but also about the people who have already signed up.

It's a beautiful bunch already!

I am so excited.


  1. Thank you for this amazing opportunity ;) i love taking photos, but i guess i miss that spark, it is like something is missing. I would love to be part of this amazing ecourse, and the bunch of contributors are awesome.
    I want to learn more skills.
    thank you,

    1. Thank you so much Alenka. Your name is in the draw. Yay!