Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Finding my voice...

So I know I have a large capacity and I usually operate maxed out and I guess when I don't feel like I have "get up and go" - I'm completely miserable.  So being ill the past 10 days or so has knocked me off my feet and landed me squarely on my back.  I thought I had a minor head cold but instead of getting progressively better, I seemed to be getting progressively worse.  With no voice for 5 days running and chest so tight that breathing was a challenge - I was officially freaked out.  So I finally carried myself off to the doctor yesterday not only to discover that my ears, throat and lungs are infected but it seems I've been having an allergic reaction to my BarleyBeanBag.

{Just on that note I feel I should say... I am totally besotted about my BarleyBag.  My family tease me about it all the time but I love the smell of the barley and of course, adore the warmth}.

With it being so cold I've been heating it up, wrapping my hands in it and keeping it close to my chest and face and going to sleep like that.  I have been inadvertently breathing in the poisonous fumes.  With strict instructions from my Doctor, I've had to throw that poisonous sack of warmth away, which I've done and I've been put on a cortisone inhaler for the next two weeks amongst other meds to help clear my chest.  I am now hopefully heading in the right direction.

As for Riley boy here - over the years we have noticed if anyone in the family is sick, he usually goes and lies right on top of the infected area, it's like he knows what's going on inside.  Sweet boy.

"Dr Riley is on call today"


  1. I hope you feel better soon and that Doc Riley takes good care of you. Get one of those electric pads - not the nice smell but at least the warmth is there

    1. wow thank you. Yes I did. I get to plug it in. Otherwise a good old fashioned water bottle is doing the job too. Thank you for checking in.