Sunday, 26 June 2016

Say Cheese....

We popped over to my folks farm and cheesery for a few days.  It's been almost 5 years since Kitty has been here. Plus we felt while Corks was away it would be nice for Kitty to do something different during the holidays.  Plus with all the flu in the house and the cold weather, we felt it would be good to have some milder days. The days are much warmer here and they have beautiful winter sun.
I'm still not 100% better but definitely getting there.

The chats and connection, stunning, every meal together, sacred.  I know that's a particular highlight for my Dad, for me too.  We live about 14 hours away from each other (traveling by road).  So whenever we meet up, it's special.  My brother and his family have been visiting too.  We nostalgically went through old childhood pics. I discovered new things.

We took a tour of the property (it's large).  The dairy, the factory and the cheesery.  I marvel at all my parents have done.  They are truly remarkable human beings.  Every single thing they have done, they have done with their own hands, own hearts and true grit.  Seeing that in action is precious.  I hope I will be able to be such an example to my girls.

My heart is bursting with admiration today.

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