Tuesday, 28 June 2016


a sweet walk down memory lane...

I have some very distinct memories from my toddler years and working through some of those memories with images and hearing stories was so wonderfully nostalgic.   There weren't many images of me as a baby because they couldn't get film stock at the time.
Living in Middle Africa wasn't an easy time. That makes me terribly sad.

I would have loved my girls to see that.
It is a moment in time gone and lost to the world forever.
That kind of breaks my heart a little.  I'm so grateful for the ones I did find.


I always knew my Momma was beautiful but finding these images of her has given me a new appreciation and love for her. She made all her own clothes and ours, worked and had 4 babies.  She was stunning and stylish and trendy. The image of her with the baby with the Purdy cut was with my baby brother...  after 4 babies to look so incredible and stylish... I'm blown away.

She has always been remarkable woman to me but now I know, she's always been that way.

What a legacy so share with my girls.

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