Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#InMyStudio - Art courses for next year...

Misty's Online Course                                Misty in Italy

Holding my breath for the announcement of Misty's new online course!
Hoping it will start in January 2014

And then of course - there's Misty again in Italy 2014

This starts early January.

I'm still working on Part 1 but will finish that now in December
and will sign up for Part 2 in January too.

This is a year long course and will take me up to August next year

This is probably all I will do next year - it's definitely a lot and maybe it's a bit much!
But I'm so passionate about growing and learning and taking my ability to new levels.
I haven't just chosen this or that - I've chosen artists I am completely mad about and really admire.
Who I honestly believe have beautiful teaching styles, knowledge to impart!!!
And who I can really learn from.  I know they put a huge amount of effort into what they share!
Being able to do these courses online - is an incredible gift to myself!

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  1. EEEEEKKKKK!!! Italy here we come! Just sat down to do some calculating and, it all ads up. It will be ok with finances. So so so so looking forward to this!

    And of course the online class first.