Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#InMyStudio - Will I ever get it right...

So this is one of my earlier pieces... and has been up on my wall for ages.  But in the past while she had started to annoy me... and Kitty started teasing me about the fact that she had no shoulders.  It was a mistake I often made in my earlier paintings.  I love that my girls can call me on my mistakes and lovingly tease me about them.

Anyway Miss Sweet Lily got a facelift.

It wasn't easy going - two weeks ago I was having a really tricky time with my faces, nothing was going right.  I almost also tore Lily up if it wasn't for the beautiful textured wallpaper, I think I would have.

Yesterday, I was waiting for something to download, I grabbed my Neocolors, which I do sometimes when I want to make changes.   I didn't blend the Neo's with my hands, like I usually do because the paper was too textured.  It was almost like drawing/painting on sandpaper.  (That's still something I would like to try... Misty did that in FacetoFace).  This time I just kept applying the colors over one another until my desired color, shading was achieved.  I've always loved Neocolors but I've never used them like this before.  I'm amazed that how through messing about - I discovered something so delightfully new!  I'm thrilled about this little discovery and I'm pleased to say, Miss Lily didn't land in the bin in pieces!

And I have to say I love her soulfulness and her dreamy eyes!

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