Thursday, 21 November 2013

#InMyStudio - Creative play is leading to greater creativity!

So besides my collage work and having so much fun there - I've really been struggling with some of my painted faces...
The other day I actually tore up some pieces!!! And I have to say, it was most satisfying.

I am terrified of doing the same thing over and over!
I don't want to get stuck only being able to do just one thing, just one way!
I've been working hard at mixing it up a bit!  Pushing myself to paint other things,
other ways and expand my techniques and styles etc.
I guess that's where the wonderful play is coming in and why I'm enjoying it so much!
I think right now, I'm working so hard in so many aspects of my life,
especially in growing and learning - that I forget to just play sometimes!

So I'm delighted to say that the creative play has led me to do some really special pieces and started having some mini breakthroughs for myself.  In fact, it was so wonderful that I didn't want to stop!
Which left me crawling into bed around 2am... I know I will pay the price for it, but oh so worth it!

My piece on the left is with no reference... and the one on the right is referenced.

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  1. oh u are indeed growing and im loving watching u , the one on the left i love and have seen before but the one on the right is new to me and shes different and fabulous more modern and carefree and love her hair wrap too , good luck finding your way its an adventure so dont forget to try and enjoy it too ... know i would have liked the work u tore up but its u that u have to please ..