Monday, 11 November 2013

#InMyStudio - at long last!!!

I had a long hard week work wise.  And I didn't get one moment #InMyStudio all week.  Come Friday night I thought I wouldn't waste a moment but I was so exhausted so I headed straight to bed.  And Saturday was so full of doctors appointments, pop in visits and a evening BBQ that we had on the go!  I was starting to feel the withdrawals.  I felt nervous that I wouldn't remember how to paint... 

So I wasn't sure where to start and starting something new just felt a tad bit overwhelming... So I thought I would go back to my art journal and look and play with some old pieces.  I pulled these two pieces out of my artjournal, as you know, I am getting more used to my journal work but I'm not such a huge fan - I am afraid beautiful pieces will be trapped in there forever... and never again seen.

Anyway - I created these two collage pieces on my FacetoFace course, they were both major breakthrough work for me.  I thought the idea was just about putting the pieces together.  I was too afraid to even consider painting them... it's taken me almost a whole year to grasp the concept.  Misty also showed us this technique in Italy and it was so foreign to me.  But I think I finally get it....
And I think I might be a little addicted!

"Mother Love is the fuel that enables"

"Handmade with Love"

After these wonderful fun pieces and my very happy heart... I moved to a bigger canvas.
I had no idea what I was going to do... it didn't flow as nicely as these two pieces and it seriously felt like it was fighting with me... but I do love where my flowrs ended.
All in all - getting to paint all day and make up for lost time = happy heart for sure!


  1. These are wonderful Jeanne I love getting your newsletter ,always something inspiring ,I too struggle with this type of collage ...I will keep at it lol hope you are all well
    Big hugz Bev xxxx

    1. Ahhh thank you, sweet Bev. So lovely that you receive it as a newsletter. Keep going with your collages - it gets easier!