Sunday, 9 November 2014

A creative and productive weekend....

The beautiful man was out of town this week for business and whenever he is we have a tradition that us girls grab a sushi date together.  I love that it's become our thing.  We always go to the same little place... don't ask me what it's called but we are regulars.  And tonight was eat as much as you like.  We always start and end our date with a fortune cookie and then that sets the tone and ends the tone.
It's quirky but I love it!
a good one... 
So my weeks have been full on with work and art and I really needed time to just be with the girls.  So after the photo session and playing a bit with fortune cookies... phones got packed away and we got to connect.
my girls are getting so big

I thought we would hang here until we headed to the airport - but sleep overcame me and we headed home... I had a quick coffee to keep me awake... doing a 10pm Airport call on a Friday night is no easy feat.  I thought I would just prep a canvas and dabble a bit before heading out and the next minute (literally... ) these two angels appeared.  It was spontaneous, fast and fun and a delightful surprise and I managed to finish it all before I left.  It was an old canvas board I had been using as a palette board and it had wonderful texture on it - which really formed part of this painting.  I really love the pieces that happen like this... 

Christmas Angels - already on their way to their new home
  I've been doing so many tiny paintings on teabags lately.  I needed to do a big one... and I needed to escape a bit from reality because my kitchen is being striped and getting a make over... and it's a tad bit stressful.  Never mind the fumes... so I hid out #InMyStudio for the rest of Saturday.  Digz was watching sports and the girls were studying... yip it's that time of year - we are in exam time and lock down mode.

The Wisdom Seeker - a gentle soul with Truth in her heart
I had an canvas prepped from Italy and it was calling me to work on it.  This painting morphed a good few times so much so that the paint is thick and textured on it.  I went to bed on Saturday night with her one way (not overly impressed with myself) but she woke me up early on Sunday beckoning me to change her and I'm so glad I did... I love where she ended.  And I'm thrilled to say that this tender girl is on her way to her new home this week.

We spent the rest of Sunday getting our monthly supplies and kitchen tiles and door handles for our little kitchen make-over which was such fun.  I got to lay my tiles on Sunday evening and now I have the tedious job of grouting that in the week.... yikes.

I have much to get through this coming week - but I see a good few teabags in my future.

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