Friday, 7 November 2014

Weekly news and Studio views...

Do you ever feel like the only words that come out of your mouth is how exhausted you always are.  Please tell me it's only this time of year... either that or I'm feeling my age.  I know we are all working hard and please just tell me that I'm normal.   So that being said... I've so sleepy and exhausted this week.  I had a 1am homework call with my Kitty girl and woke at 4am (I don't know).  Well... I can do the all nighter thing but it chases me all week long.  Not great.  I've also had a busy week work wise but all good and so positive.  Being on up to date definitely has it's perks.

My TeaBagGirls have been keeping me captivated... but I'm only up to #12 I seem to be moving slower than most... some flow out in 10 minutes and others, well they are a bit fussy and keep me a bit longer!  But all in all each new one has been delightful surprise. I haven't planned a single one and each time I sit down, I have no idea who will appear!  And I'm just loving that.

 During the 1am homework run the other night - I finished a painting I had been working on since before Italy. 

SandDollar Collector 16"x24" on Canvas Paper
 I am thrilled to say that she sold the next day and is on it's way to her new home... I can't tell you how much I love that.  It touches my heart every single time I sell a piece.  Maybe a piece of me goes with each one.

 I have been receiving lovely letters all week.  I do love all of it!!!!
And this Sunday I have a lovely Skype chat scheduled with my sweet Robin friend from Aussie and who I got to meet in Italy and I can't wait to catch up.

I'm so excited that I finally made gym today!  I've had this on again and off again relationship with exercise but I'm hoping to have a more balanced one going forward.

Plus most of our friends from Italy are getting together this weekend in California to do a beautiful workshop with Misty about following your Dreams.  My heart is tender knowing I won't be there but I'm so stoked they have this opportunity to come together and to create.  I am with them in spirit - heart and soul!


  1. I am completely in love with your tea bag paintings, Flowrs!!! They are each and every one, soooo sweet!

  2. Love, love, love your work. I too am watching the class of Misty's in CA from afar and so wishing I could participate in person. I understand. :) Beautiful work, my friend.

  3. Hello beautiful creative one. What a lovely post. Seeing all your artwork together like that makes me so warm inside. Can't believe I have not stopped by here before and left a comment or two! I must be more attentive to what's going on in the world that I love. Looking forward to seeing more teabag girls too xxx