Saturday, 15 November 2014


So I've been asked quite a bit regarding my process about painting on these teabags and I'm just loving how this has ended up being a thing, a special thing.  I will share more about it soon.  But for now - this is what my studio is looking like.  I'm overrun by beautifully naturally dyed teabags...     

This weekend I only managed to add one new face to my #OneHundredFaces
(bringing me to 15) but I did another 8 in total.... 

2 as gifts and 6 for a commission... these 6 little TeaBagGirls are going to their new home next week and they will be framed up and distributed as gifts.  I love sending them out into the world.  It feels precious that my pieces will end up in homes of people I don't know.  They tell a story, their own story, perhaps a little of my story... to the people they will live with!  And I kind of love that. 

So grateful that I got this commission!
Getting to do what I love daily = pure happiness. 

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